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Return & Exchange Policy

Return Policy

•   Item(s) must be returned/exchanged within 7 days of purchase receipt. Exceptions apply for electronics and perishable items.

•   Item(s) are accepted for returns/exchange, only in the original condition and in its original manufacturer's packaging.

•   Unless regulated by the Return Guidelines by Department, item(s) have to be unopened and unused within 7 days of the purchase receipt for a return/exchange.

•   Item(s) can only be returned/exchanged with the original purchase receipt and the method of payment used at the time.

Return Guidelines by Department

Electronics / Houseware / Comfort

•  Item(s) must be unopened, unused, and must be brought back  within 7 days of purchase receipt to be valid for return/exchange.

•  Item(s) must retain its original form/package/condition, accompanied by the original purchase receipt, and brought back within 7 days of purchase to be valid for return/exchange.

•  Defective item(s) must be attended by the manufacturing company.  H MART does not take responsibility of defective item(s), after the purchase.  Look for the name and contact information of the manufacturer stated on the packaging for service.  If you need further assistance in contacting the manufacturer, H MART Houseware/Comfort/Electronic department employee can be of assistance.

Perishables(Fresh Produce, Fish, Meat, Deli, Frozen Product, Dairy)

•  Perishable items are only valid for return/exchange within 24 hours of the purchase receipt.

•  Perishable items must retain its original condition/packaging, unopened, unused, and with the original receipt of purchase, for return/exchange.

•  For any defective or damaged perishable item(s), please contact the customer service for assistance.  

•  In case of inability to return the item(s), physically to the store, within 24 hour period, please notify the customer service by calling the store immediately.


•   If you have purchased or noticed an expired item(s), please notify the customer  service  immediately.  
     We will dispose of all the expired item(s) from the shelves, immediately.

•   H MART provides sale/discounts to specified items every week.  Please review the item(s)  and the sale date, for sale prices. When these item(s) are returned/exchanged, please note that the item(s) will be valid for the equivalent price as of the purchased price, stated on the original receipt.

•   H MART constantly consists of new trainees.  Please excuse any mistakes made  by the staff. If you need price check, or if any items have been overcharged, please feel free to bring it to the customer service.  If the overcharge has been noticed after leaving the store, please contact the customer service and notify the employee of  such incident, and we can process the return/exchange process accordingly to the Return Policy.

•   H MART is not responsible for any lost gift certificates or store credits, in or out  of the store premises.

•   Please contact the customer service for any Lost & Found item(s).

•   Pet(s) are not allowed within the store in all situations, except for certified service pet(s), that can be proven to the store officiates visually or with documentation.

•   No skate boarding, rollerblading, roller skating, or any other outdoor activities, will be tolerated within the store.  Customer(s) may be asked to leave the store, when sighted by H MART employees, and officiates.

•   No large bag(s), purse(s), backpack(s), or any other forms of storage  will be  allowed  within the store.  Please leave your baggage with the  customer service,  during the time of shopping. Feel free to take any important items with you, by taking them out of the baggage.

•   H MART is not responsible for any theft or damage to the vehicle(s) in the premises.

•   Please note that any accidents and incidents outside of the H MART building is a responsibility of the property management.  If you need contact information,  seek for assistance at H MART customer service.

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