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Gift Certificates

Where can I buy H mart gift certificates?

You can purchase a gift certificate at any H mart Customer Service Center. For more information, please contact Aurora H mart.


In what amounts are H mart gift certificates available?

Currently, H mart offers $10, $20 and $50 gift certificates.


Can I receive discounts for ordering H mart gift certificates in bulk?

Our H mart gift certificates can be used like cash at Colorado H mart. We offer a 5% discount for bulk purchases over $1,000 worth of gift certificates.


What if I lose my H mart gift certificate or store credit?

Please treat your gift certificate or store credit as if they were cash. The value is not refundable.


Can I redeem my H mart gift certificate for cash?

You must spend over 90% of the value of the gift certificate in order to receive the remaining balance of the gift certificate in cash. We recommend that you use the entire value of the gift certificate.

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